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Welcome To Tandars Interactive Pets!


Tandars are gentle creatures that require delicate handling of their small bodies. If the fur becomes soiled, use a gentle sudsy soap and a small clean towel to blot up the soiled area. Tandars are similar to cats in that they dislike water so never immerse the Tandar into any liquid or permanent damage may result.
Tandars will let you know when they are low on energy and hungry, They will say "Ahjee baz nam nam" and will start acting sluggish with eyes appearing sleepy. To rejuvenate them simply plug their tails into any available USB receptacle and allow to charge for 15-30 minutes for a limited play time or charge them for 2-3 hours for a fully energized charge. Face two Tandars at each other and they will have a conversation in their own language.  They speak 50 words!


Jan 25, 2012
New Tree Video​watch?v=eQ0zKL4qQP0&feature=sha​re

Aug 24, 2011
Check out the review from Momz in the mix!

Aug 08, 2011
Tandars are here!

We have just received our first shipment of Tandars in our warehouse and we are shipping them out! Check our website for local retailers that will be receiving Tandars in the next few days or you can order online and be among the first to own your very own Tandar!

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