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Pouty Tandar

Tandars are the newest interactive pet from YoHa Technologies! 

They interact through touch, motion and will have a conversation with other Tandars. 

Their lithium battery is recharged thru their USB tail and they will tell you when their batery is low and also when it is full.  You can style their hair, dress them up and carry them wherever you go.

Special Features Include:

  • Motion sensors in eyes.
  • Touch sensors in head and back
  • 3 adjustable volume settings
  • Will interact with owner and each other
  • 50 word vocabulary in their own language.
  • Rechargeable battery charges thru USB in Tail
  • Pressure gripping hands allow them to hold on to different objects.

Price: $39.99 USD


Pouty TandarPouty Tandar

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